» I personally was able to develop in many aspects. «
Male student in front of the University of California

experience report by Dennis

University of California, Berkeley 2018

Since my first day at Berkeley, I have been impressed by the way of teaching at American universities and the fascinating variety of courses they offer.

I've met inspiring people with different backgrounds and discovered the cultural traditions of the country. It does make a difference whether you only spend a few weeks in a country or live there for such a long time. In addition, the variety of sports and leisure activities is huge, which suits me very well. The university offers the daily opportunity to play basketball or go swimming. Impressive national parks such as Yosemite are nearby.

I personally was able to develop in many aspects during that time and recommend everyone to consider going to a university abroad. The Rohde Foundation has helped me to realize my dream of studying in California. I appreciate that very much.